Wedding Wednesday: It’s The Little Things

Good Morning Lovelies,

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and Happy Happy Wedding Wednesday! Instead of doing a last minute gift guide for this Holiday, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things that you can do (for free) for your love that can brighten their day and mean can the absolute world!

Write A Love Note: 

One of my favorite things to do is to hide little love notes for Brian to find! We are currently long distance, and before I went to visit him in Mississippi, I wrote a letter that I could leave for him after I left. I hid it in a drawer, and when he told me he was home from dropping me off at the airport, I told him to look for it! It made his day! I also love to write a little note on his mirror, or hide a sticky note in his car! This is a super cute way to let your love know you’re thinking of them! PS a little extra-lovey text can do the exact same thing!

Cook a Meal Together: 

Brian and I cannot wait to get a kitchen to ourselves when we are finally married! We currently dream about trying out a new recipe over a bottle of wine on a Friday night. We are totally okay with the fact that sometimes the recipe might end in disaster… and we’ll end up ordering Pizza in that night… but there is something so romantic about being in the kitchen together!

Clean The House: 

If your love is constantly busy or stressed, the simplest gesture can mean the absolute most! Take the trash out… empty the dishwasher… make the bed – the simplest task can alleviate tons of stress and will probably win you some bonus points! 😉

Movie Night In:

This has been a favorite of ours since we were in high school! Sometimes you just want to camp out in the living room with some yummy snacks and a cozy movie! Turn out the lights, grab the fuzziest blankets, light some candles, and get comfy on the floor! This is a super fun way to get some quality time – and it’s perfect if you’re in a state where it’s still FREEZING outside!

We live in a world that makes it hard to remember that you can show someone how much you love them without spending a dime! Sometimes quality time means more than anything at all!



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