Friday Favorites: Moscow Mules

Good Morning Lovelies!

It’s the FRIDAY which means some time off! What better way to celebrate than with the yummiest cocktail! Moscow Mules have long been a favorite of both Brian and I! When we got engaged we said that it would be our mission as a married couple to have a ton of cocktails that we have perfected and that we can whip out when we are hosting friends and family! The first cocktail that we have chosen to perfect is the Moscow Mule which is surprisingly very very easy! So easy in fact, that you can make it yourselves at home!

You will need: 

Now, the recipe is as follows:

  • 2 oz vodka, put this in first so that it can be mixed well into the ginger beer!
  • 12 oz of ginger beer goes in next!
  • Now put in a generous squirt of lime juice!
  • A slice of lime and a spring of mint!
  • Now, I think the key to a successful Mule is ICE. I really think the flavor is dependent on the amount of ice so put a big chunk of ice in the cup and then let it cool the drink down (to the point where the outside of the copper mug goes musty) before serving!

There you have it! The easiest, most delicious mules! Thank you to my future MIL for the super cute copper mugs! We love them and cannot wait to use them while we host our friends!

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