Looking Toward 2018


Good Morning Lovelies!

Happy New Years Eve, as you read this I am sitting in lovely, gorgeous, snowy vail, wishing I didn’t have to leave! Actually that’s not entirely truthful, I love love love the Christmas season and everything leading up to it. Yes, I am that girl who starts listening to Christmas music at the earliest possible second and I get literal adrenaline rushes from finding the perfect gifts for people – call me crazy. But when the Christmas season winds down and the new year hits (after the excitement of NYE, of course), I actually really enjoy setting new goals for myself and then working to reach them throughout the year! Having this little corner of the internet gives me the freedom and the ability document my thoughts and revisit them throughout the years. Having them publicly documented keeps me accountable as well 😉
Last year I took the time to reflect on 2016 and to collect my thoughts as we head into 2017, and this year I will do the same.
2017 was a wild ride. In January of last year I headed back to Oklahoma for the first time without Brian, and without roommates! I was in the second semester of my masters degree and living totally alone. I came to really enjoy it and I learned a lot about myself and came to love that alone time!
Flash forward to may of 2017 and my semester was winding down and I headed back to Houston for the summer. The Friday after I got home, my best friend in the entire world ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! And I said YES!!! You can catch me looking at my ring at any red light in town, and listening to church entrance music on any long drive. LOL. I’m in full wedding planning mode y’all, and I am so excited to marry my best friend!
It always baffles me how crazy time is. You can be sitting in one country in the morning, board a plane and by the evening you’re sitting somewhere else. It’s always crazy to me to say “this time last year we were….”, “this time next year we will be….”.
2018 is going to be a big big year for Brian and I! Not only does it start the official countdown to our date (1.19.19), and yes… “this time next year we will be GETTING MARRIED IN 18 DAYS”, but we have a lot of accomplishments coming our way this year!
In the middle of January I’ll head back to Oklahoma City to start my student teaching, I’ll be in the classroom on my internship until May. When may hits I’ll graduate from the University of Oklahoma with my Masters Degree in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum, and then I’ll be moving to Houston!
In August I will hopefully start working as a science teacher in a district around here! Then fall and the Christmas season will hit, and then in December Brian will graduate with his Masters Degree in Medical Sciences and move home! A month later we will be married!
2018 hasn’t even started and already I can see the months rushing by! In an effort to make this the best year yet, I’ve set some goals for myself.
2018 will be the year that I take back my body! This is cliche and i sound like every other girl “I’m going to loose weight in the new year”. But my weight is something that I have always struggled with, and I have come to the realization that it is something that I will always struggle with. During 2017 I focused on making healthier decisions, I started going to yoga and bootcamp, eating healthier food, and my clothes are looser for it! As we head into our wedding year, I intend to continue on the healthy eating trend that I’ve been following, and I plan to be more active. I want to be sitting here this time next year loving how I look and feeling great because of it!
I also want to continue on this crazy blogging journey! In 2017, this blog grew bigger than I thought possible! I love to invest the time planning exciting content for you guys and I love to document my life so that I can look back on it at a later date! In 2018, I plan to prioritize my blog and to keep following this amazing blogging path because it has thrown me numerous exciting surprises and i get such joy out of doing it!
I also want to be more in the moment. It is so easy to get into bed at night and browse insta for 10 more minutes, or to finish up that last blog post real quick! I think that with better planning and time management, I will be able to truly be present when I am with my friends and family, and enjoy the moment!
In 2017 I grew as a person and in my faith, I started saying “yes” to more and I haven’t looked back! I am so excited for what 2018 brings and I can’t thank you enough for following along on this amazing journey! My blog and this little corner of the internet wouldn’t be possible without you.
I wish you a joyous and safe new year!
Thank you so much for reading, and BOOMER SOONER!

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