Wedding Wednesday: 2018 Wedding Songs

Good Morning Lovelies!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone, and we are DAYS away from the new year! Although B and I technically do not get married until 2019 (1.19.19), we are considering 2018 to be our “wedding year” because on 1.19.18, we will be A YEAR away from our wedding… we could not be more excited!

So you know… like most bride-to-bes (maybe?) I think about my wedding ALL. THE. TIME. (hmm.. just me?!), and one of the biggest things that I think about is SONGS. What am I going to walk down the aisle to? What are my bridesmaids going to walk down the aisle to? What are the parents and grandparents going to walk down the aisle to? What are B and I going to dance to? What are my dad and I going to dance to?! The questions are endless and you can often find me driving along listen to church-entrance songs, imagining myself walking down the aisle with a little tear in my eye. LOL. I AM SO WEIRD. But anyway…. we are entering our wedding year and I have WEDDING ON THE BRAIN PEOPLE!!!

So for any other crazed bride-to-bes out there (let’s not confuse us with bridezillas because we so are not, we are just excited!), I am sharing a very exciting list of songs that I came across on WeddingWire. When you receive an email in your inbox titled “The 2018 Wedding Songs You Need to Know”, you drop everything and read!

According to the list, they asked the experts what they’d like to hear at the upcoming 2018 weddings and I’m sharing my favorites below!

Perfect, by Ed Sheehan – UGH. HAVE YOU HEARD THE DUET?!

I’ll Name the Dogs, Blake Shelton! This is so fun and such a cute little touch of country flare!

What Lovers Do, Maroon 5. Such a fun dancing song!

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), Backstreet Boys! Because who doesn’t love a throwback!?

You can see the full list at WeddingWire, here!

Do you have any recommendations for songs that you’d love to hear at weddings you’re attending this year? I would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you so much for reading!

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