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Happy Monday! I am so excited to get this week started as I have some super exciting things coming your way! But first, I wanted to take a minute to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart… I’m gonna get a little bit deeper with ya’ll for a minute (if you’re just here for the outfit details feel free to scroll on down past my ramble!).

When I first started this blog, in October of 2016, I did it because I was living alone for the first time EVER and needed a creative outlet. I had moved into my own apartment and started grad school, when I had previously been constantly surrounded by my best friends (five of us lived in an apartment in undergrad) and I was never short of something to do. Although I really value time to myself and I am quite capable of being on my own, I was really missing a creative outlet in my life… and needed an excuse to do something other than netflix when I wasn’t studying. Throughout high school my outlet was choir and I sang, all. the. time. In college I my outlet was my sorority where I partook in all kinds of different events (many of which let me sing or be creative). When I got to Graduate School, I realized that I was yearning for a place where I could share my thoughts and ideas. I am by no means a beauty guru, a fashion guru, or a food guru; and nor do I claim to be. But I do love to spend hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup, I LIVE for finding a good bargain, and I love love love to eat yummy foods. I am also a huge people person and I love that I have this little corner of the internet that I can share with all of you.

A few months after I started my blog, I started to really immerse myself in the blogger community. At first, the community seemed supportive and welcoming of a new blogger. But then I started to realize that not everyone is as welcoming as I thought and some people were initially quite skeptical of me (a blogger, late to the blogger scene) getting involved with things. However, now, a year later, I’m starting to believe that the era of the mean girls is over! Perhaps it is just because I am surrounded by some wonderfully supportive bloggers now, but I am starting to feel that the bloggers of today are really embracing the whole “collaboration over competition” vibe that I had been looking for.

I fully, 100 percent believe that collaboration should ALWAYS happen over competition. Two, Three, even four, is always better than 1! I have found a little community in this huge blogger sea where we can bounce ideas off of each other, and help each other in hundreds of different ways. This post is nothing more than a way for me to express my appreciation to my sweet blogger babes who are so supportive and kind, and for me to push the idea that #bossbabes really should allow themselves to indulge in the blogger community and to build each other up, rather than pulling each other down to climb on our own!

This week, I am SO overjoyed to be collaborating with two of my very favorite blogger babes, who both happen to be named Courtney! Courtney, of The Finishing Touch, and I have been friends for years, as we are sorority sisters! She is the sweetest and most supportive friend with a fierce sense of style. Courtney, of Life of a Med School Wife, and I became friends a few months ago (thank you, OKC blogger scene) and I have come to know that she is loyal and sweet as can be! (If you haven’t already, go check out these two fabulous ladies!). I don’t know what I’m going to do without these two when I move back to Houston in May!

We are collaborating on a very exciting Christmas giveaway where we are giving away THREE $50 dollar gift cards to some super cute local boutiques, along with 2 gorgeous pairs of earrings! You can enter here, on Instagram!

Thank you thank you, for letting me rant. I am just so appreciative of all of the blogger babes who have turned their heads toward the idea of collaboration! I love this little corner that I’ve carved out for myself and I can’t wait to see where the years take me!

I’ve linked what I’m wearing below:

You can see my blogger babes looks here and here:




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