Wedding Wednesday: Website? To do or not to do?

Good Morning Lovelies!

Brian said to me the other day.. “it’s finally starting to feel real” (about the fact that we are getting married)! Although it’s felt real to me since a few weeks after it actually sank in that B had proposed to me… I understand what he means! Our engagement will have been 18 months long by the time we get married, as we are both finishing Grad school! But as this January quickly approaches, we are both beginning to feel that the months are going to start to fly by.

With that being said, up until now I’ve felt pretty organized… but now that we are getting ready to take our engagement pictures, I’m starting to think about our wedding website! I’d love to get yalls opinion on which site you used, and why you liked it! As a blogger, I was initially open to the idea of buying our own domain and creating it that way… but after shopping around, I’ve found some super helpful websites that essentially create everything for you.

I definitely see the benefit of a wedding website. Brian and I have a lot of family who have said they’re planning to attend from out of town (both within the states, and from the UK).  With that being said, we love the idea of keeping our save the date relatively simple and directing people to a place online where they are able to see all of the information that they need for planning purposes (because transatlantic flights aren’t typically booked only weeks in advance). So the question isn’t whether or not we should create a website, but rather, which platform should we go with?

I’m (unfortunately) super anal and very type A. I want our website to be perfect… and I want it to be visually appealing and easy for my grandparents to navigate. I’ve been looking for a website platform for weeks now. Currently, my favorite is WeddingWire. I think Brian and I will ultimately end up using it to create our wedding website. I had looked at some other wedding planning websites, but I felt like I didn’t have much control over what I could include on my website and what I could leave out. When I found WeddingWire it seemed a lot more customizable. I feel that the platform is easy to work with and there are tons of templates to choose from. Not only that, but we can also change the colors to match with our color scheme to make it our own.  Even though I adore my blog and I am constantly working to make it easy to navigate and to have it be visually appealing, I’d rather not pay for another domain that we will only use for a year, when I can make a gorgeous website for free.

I just think these are so cute and professional looking!

What do ya’ll think? If any of my fellow bloggers out there are reading this, I’d love for you to chime in! And if you’re not a blogger, did you feel that there were benefits to having a website as a guest or a bride?

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  1. I liked having a wedding website because we referred our guests to it all the time instead of having to answer a million questions!

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