2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Men in your Life

Good Morning Lovelies!

Well, it’s that time of year again when my Friday Favorites posts turn into Holiday Gift Guides!! Can we talk about how completely and totally exciting it is that I am writing my first Christmas gift guide of the year?! Woohoo! This time of year, especially throughout November, there are tons of great sales! So I’ll also be sharing the sales on here as I find them as well as gift guides! I’ll be sharing everything underneath my new “Holiday Shop” tab at the top of my blog!

This friday, I figured I’d start with the men in your life because… let’s face it, sometimes those boys can be hard to buy for! This list will cover all of the men in your life… Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends, Fiancés, Husbands, Sons! As the holiday season kicks off, I have decided to start with a big round up of varying prices but I have organized them by type of item!

I’ve updated this post sharing some of my favorite websites to buy things for these boys! In Brian’s words “buy me anything from these websites and I’ll be happy” *proceeds to send me a list of 10 websites* 😉

To wear:

I love to buy clothes and what is more fun than buying clothes to help the men in your life be a little bit more stylish? My brother and my fiancé always LOVE to receive clothes and its so much fun to buy for them!

To accessorize:

What do you get the man who has everything?! Well, most men who have everything are also pretty good at losing things 😉 so replacing some of the key staples that they may have lost over the year is a great way to indulge your man on Christmas!

Personal Care:

I LOVE a good smelling man, and Polo Red is my absolute fave. Also, beards are apparently a thing now? So this shaving kit is such a good idea (PS. this razor by itself is $120, so $150 for everything is a steal!).

For The Man Cave:

This helmet is a SPEAKER!! And that big poofy blue thing is a blow up couch! All of these are so great for the man who likes his space to watch football! I also think this beer cap map is such a fun idea!

For The Bar:

Some of these would double as good gifts for yourself 😉 hehe the booze whiskey decanter is SO cute and I would love to have it sitting on my bar! I also love the whiskey stones and the mini flip cup is so cute!

Gadgets and Games:

When in doubt, get a gadget or a game! You can never go wrong and it is sure to make your holiday gathering exciting!

Websites for your boys where you can’t go wrong!



I think there’s something here for every man in your life! I’d love to hear your favorite ways to indulge the boys in your life at the holidays!

Happy Shopping!



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