Wedding Wednesday: Transportation

Good Morning Lovelies!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! This is by far my favorite post every week… maybe I should never get married so I can keep doing these (just kidding Brian… kinda)! 😉 Since I was about sixteen years old, I’ve been imaging my wedding… and since then, I’ve had a pinterest board for pretty much every wedding related thing imaginable!

It’s kind of a longstanding tradition in my family for the bride to ride to the church with her dad in a Rolls Royce and I absolutely love them! The only problem I’ll have is deciding whether to get a black one or a white one! What do you guys think?!

I think that there are so many super fun and different options for transportation on your wedding day! I’ve linked them all in my “wedding transportation” pinterest board!

For those of you planning a wedding.. what are your thoughts?! For those of you who are already married, what did you do?!

I’d love to hear from you!


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