Wedding Wednesday: Planning for the weather!


Good Morning Lovelies!

We have all hold the age-old adage that rain on your wedding day is good luck! Although I’ve never been married (but I will be in 471 days… not that I’m counting), I can tell you that it rained on the morning of my parent’s wedding, and they have been married for 26 years! Personally, Brian and I completely adore the rain! However… I can’t tell you that if my hair was ruined and my dress was soaked because it rained on my wedding day… that I’d still be a happy bride! I’d probably freak a little bit the heck out, let’s be real.

I think that it is only natural to think about weather contingencies for your big day, especially if you’re having any part of your wedding outside. It is largely for that reason that B and I decided to have our wedding reception inside. I think that it will definitely remove some of the stress that could come with having to worry about the weather and make contingencies with vendors. The main worries that I will have regarding the weather on 1.19.19 will be 1) whether or not it rains and if so, whether or not it will be too rainy to take pictures outside and 2) whether or not it will be cold. Living in Houston, it is actually a hit or a miss as to whether the weather will be mild or cold! It could be 80 degrees the day of our wedding, or it could be 50!

I have created a pinterest “wedding contingencies” board with some ideas for rainy wedding days and cooler wedding days! You can see it here! This is a little sneak peak!

Do you have any fun ideas to use if it rains on your wedding day?! I’d love to hear from you!

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