Wedding Wednesday: Questions To Ask Your Venue!

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Wednesday! We are half way through the week and it’s finally Wedding Wednesday again! This morning I’m in a fantastic mood because my week is about to get very exciting! Tomorrow night I’m going to a blogger event with my blogger bestie, Courtney! Then on Friday I’m driving to Dallas to catch a flight to Mississippi to see Brian! I’ve never been to MS, but I’m in the mood for some sexy southern accents and some yummy southern comfort food! Woo hoo!!! I haven’t seen Brian in a month and let me tell ya’ll… I’m ready for some movie nights where I pick the movie, Brian suffers through it… only for me to fall asleep half way through! Ha! Really though, I’m very excited to see my beau!!

Speaking of Brian… future husbands… weddings… let’s get back to the whole reason that you clicked on this post! Deciding on a venue is hard… but Brian and I (and my sweet mama) came up with a comprehensive list of questions that we asked our venues, that really helped us narrow down the choice! I’ve listed them down below!

  1. Do you have my date available?! 
    • Duh, this is a pretty obvious question!
  2. How much is this going to cost? What exactly does that cost include? 
  3. How Much is the deposit?
    • This is an obvious, but necessary question! How much will it take to reserve my spot? 
  4. What is the payment plan? 
    • Can I pay monthly in the months leading up to the wedding? 
    • When is the final amount due?
    • How do you account for late RSVPs? 
  5. How many people can the venue hold? Is this seated? 
    • This is SUCH a necessary question as it can really affect the way that your reception flows
    • Are there enough seats for everyone you want to invite? Can you have the dinner that you’d like with the amount of people the venue holds? 
  6. Where can my guests park? 
    • Is there a parking lot nearby? Is there a valet parking option?
  7. Is there somewhere nearby that my out of town guests can stay?
    • Is the venue a hotel? If so, will they offer a group rate for your guests? 
    • If the venue is not a hotel, are there hotels or bed and breakfasts nearby? Are they nice?
  8. Do you have a list of preferred vendors? Are there any restrictions on the Vendor I can use? 
    • For instance, Brian and I wanted to bring in Whataburger toward the end of the reception as a little “pick me up”… our Venue said no… however, they’re going to work with us to bring out something else that is similar to whataburger to fill that void!
  9. Are there any noise restrictions? 
    • For instance, being of Scottish descent (immediate descent meaning that my Parents were both born and raised in Scotland and my Dad sounds like Shrek! ha!), we would like to incorporate a Bag Piper into our day. Are we allowed to do this?!
  10. Is there a holding room? 
    • My bridal party will be arriving at the reception venue after the guests, as we will stay behind at the church to take pictures. Is there somewhere that we can all wait together, perhaps grab a quick bite to eat, and bustle my dress in private?
  11. Is there somewhere to have a cocktail hour? 
    • What can my guests do while we are taking pictures? 
  12. Is there a wedding Coordinator? Is he/she on site? How long does he/she stay?
    • Who is going to be there to greet the vendors and oversee the set up while we are all at the church? 
    • Who is going to herd the guests from the cocktail hour into the reception room? 
    • Who is going to ensure that the Bridal Party is not seen before they are announced?
  13. How does the announcement process work at the beginning of the reception? 
    • Are the doors closed to show the guests that something is about to happen? Are the doors opened for the bridal party and then closed again before the bride and groom enter? 
  14. To whom can I direct my questions to on the day of the event? 
    • If there is an event coordinator on site she would be your go to, if not… who is this person? 

A wedding is a very special day… Although it is important to remember that yes, it’s only one day and the real fun starts the next day when you are officially married… a wedding is still a day that you will remember forever and with the right planning it will be smooth sailing that day! Do you guys have any questions that really helped you narrow down a venue?! If so please let me know! I love hearing from you!

Thank you so much for reading!


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