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Thankfully, the flooding in Houston seems to be coming toward the end of its run, but there is still so much devastation and so many families who have been removed from their homes. Please continue to keep Houston in your prayers.

I cannot believe that it is almost September already, it seems like the months are just flying by and before we know it I will be in full wedding planning swing! I have decided to start a Wedding Wednesday series on my blog. This is partly for me, so that I can document everything in one place to be able to look back at in a few years time, and partly for ya’ll because (if you’re anything like me) I love to read other peoples planning posts and perhaps you will to! So… without further ado, Happy (first) Wedding Wednesday!

Today, I have compiled a list of fantastic Wedding venues in The Woodlands and surrounding Houston area, that Brian and I considered for our special day! I have listed the pros and cons of each venue. These are ideas that I have found from people I’ve talked to who either hosted their venues there or visited the venues with that idea in mind, as well as my own personal opinions! These are in no particular order, I just wrote them as I remembered them! The first on the list is the gorgeous Chateau Cocomar.

  1. Chateau Cocomar

I mean… can you even believe how stunning this is?! If you’re looking for a fairytale wedding, this certainly strikes me as the perfect place. Chateau Cocomar has sprawling gardens, gorgeous marble interiors, awe-inspiring chandeliers and draping staircases. It is a picturesque dream for a bride who is looking to feel like a princess for the day. A definite pro of this venue is that they have the capacity to do both your ceremony and your reception, they also have a wide array of vendors that you can choose from for your food, photography and decor needs! A con of this location is that it is quite out of the way from most big towns near Houston. There is only one hotel nearby, which means your guests do not have the ability to choose where they stay if they are coming from out of town. The other thing about Chateau Cocomar is that they do not have a place for the Bride and Groom to stay on the Wedding night. This was a big deal to B and I, because we have so many people who will be traveling from out of town for our wedding, that we would love to be able to wake up and have brunch with all of our out of town guests the next day. Although this location is not necessarily ideal for those who have guests from out of town, it is the most gorgeous venue I’ve seen in Houston. For pricing details and all other inquiries click on the pic above!

2. The Bell Tower on 34th

Okay, this has got to be the absolute coolest location I’ve seen! Perhaps, not ideal for a summer wedding in the Houston heat, the Bell Tower on 34th offers many fantastic set ups for your wedding day. The Bell Tower has the ability to have your ceremony and your reception outside in front of these gorgeous arched waterfalls (which they can light up different colors with uplighting!!!) or they can also have your party inside which is equally as stunning. The Bell Tower is pretty much in the heart of the city of Houston so it’s a great location in comparison to the airport and many other city attractions! It’s definitely a must-see venue if you’re planning a wedding! Click on the Pic to see their package options!

3. The Astorian

I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that I fell in LOVE when I first saw the Astorian. It is pretty much a big open space overlooking the skyline of Houston. With a space like this, you can do absolutely anything you want with it, and have it set up any way that you would like! Unfortunately, this comes with a great deal of planning and coordinating with outside venders, that Brian and I didn’t want to have to do as we are both super busy. The astorian is absolutely gorgeous and grand on the inside, with huge sprawling windows that let in so much light, or let you look at the Houston skyline as it is lit up at night! Ps. it also has a really cool (very big) bar! Click on the picture to see all of their pricing options (ps there is a super adorable wedding video on their website which will definitely make you cry!).

4. The Westin on The Waterway, The Woodlands


The Westin has a super contemporary feel compared to a lot of wedding venues in the Houston area. The hotel is pretty new, it was finished sometime last year I believe, and it is a very clean, trendy and modern little hotel! The ballroom is huge and seats 250 people, and although it is plain it has a lot of potential and the wedding coordinator has been doing weddings and big corporate events for her entire career! The location is fab, it is right in the heart of The Woodlands (located 20 miles from Bush Intercontinental airport). Personally, Brian and I love the idea of having our wedding in a hotel, where everyone can stay the night and no one has to drive home. We LOVE the westin because it is located on the waterway, right next to tons of bars which don’t close until 3am! That means that when our party is finished, guests to want to keep the party going can just walk across the street to all the bars! It’s also walking distance to the movie theater and the mall so that out of town guests have something to do in the days before and after the wedding!

5. The Corinthian

If you open pretty much ANY Houston wedding magazine, The Corinthian is usually advertised on the first or second page… and let me tell you… it is GORGEOUS. The location has the ability to have your ceremony at the foot of a sprawling double staircase which is often shown covered head to toe in flowers. Can you imagine how dreamy that would look (and smell)!? They also have the ability to quickly clear out the ceremony space and turn it into a reception space, which means everything is all in one location! It really is one of the most stunning wedding venues I’ve seen. It’s also very fairly priced for how beautiful it is!! You can click on the pic to see more details!!

These five wedding venues have so much to offer by way of beauty, fair pricing, and location. I love each and everyone of them for different reasons! I can definitely understand why people find weddings so stressful! Brian and I have officially chosen a date!


We are so incredibly excited! Although it seems like it is soooo far away, it has (somehow) already been FOUR months since we got engaged… FOUR MONTHS PEOPLE!! So the months are flying by! In the 16 months before our wedding, both Brian and I will finish our Masters degrees, Brian will apply to Medical school and hopefully find out where he is going, and I will hopefully begin teaching Science in a school around The Houston Area! We are both soooo excited for the coming months and wedding venue shopping is only the beginning! Make sure to check back next wednesday for the next Wedding Wednesday installment! 

Thank you so much for reading, If you are in Houston, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.



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