Italy Trip: Day 6

Good Morning Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday! It is really feeling like fall here in Houston… I know it won’t last too long, but these cool rainy days have me ready for pumpkin candles and warm sweaters! Today, I’m sharing day 6  of our trip to Italy with you! Day 6 was a super long day… our last full day in Rome before we headed to Tuscany (which was a lot more laid back, with days spent relaxing by the pool).

On Friday morning we woke up knowing that we would have a relatively lazy morning because the rest of our group was flying in to meet us in Rome around lunchtime! We did have a mission however, and that was for me to make a big girl purchase, and buy a Gucci cross body! I have had my eyes on this cross body for months now and when we found out we were going to Italy, I thought it would be a really special thing to buy, and that way I would always have it. Gucci bags are expensive… especially for students like me. I really swithered as to whether or not I should buy it… but with some prompting from my mom and Brian, I eventually decided that if I didn’t buy the bag, I’d end up spending the money on clothes anyway (as bad as it sounds), and so I should just buy the bag (instead of the fakes that they sell all over the streets of Rome) and that way I would have it forever!

My Mom, Grandma, Harry and his girlfriend Anna, Brian and I decided that we would walk to the Spanish Steps (the Gucci store along with some other very, very gorgeous stores sits at the bottom of the steps), from our hotel! My dad (also our guide around Rome with his cellular data enabled phone) decided he would stay behind and work! So little Anna decided that she would stay with him and chill in the hotel before our little cousin got there. Since none of us have cellular-data enabled phones over there, we were going back into the old fashioned ways of doing things and having to find our way on our own! I tried to give us a little bit of an edge on the city by putting our location and where we were trying to get to into my maps and taking a screenshot of the directions. Well, it turns out that the streets in Rome aren’t very well sign posted if you are a pedestrian. So… it took us a little bit longer than we had originally anticipated… but we eventually made it to the Spanish Steps.

My sweet future hubby!

Now, that it is a sight I was happy to see! When you get to the bottom of the steps you are greeted with some lovely, high end stores! The Gucci store is just to the left of Prada!

We got to the steps around 9:30 and Gucci didn’t open until 10 am so we had some time to explore the steps and take in the history of it all! At the top of the steps sits a gorgeous church and before the steps were built there was a giant cliff separating the people at the bottom of the hill from the church! The steps were built in order to rectify this situation! The Romans sure did know a thing or two about architecture!

I did it!! We spent about 45 minutes in the Gucci store! I had already decided on the style that I wanted, but this Gucci store is absolutely gorgeous! So we had a blast looking around! Harry and Brian went next door to check out the guys Gucci stuff… let’s just say it was a bit too European for their “frat boy” taste! 😉 After I bought my bag we headed straight back to the hotel so that we could be there for my Aunt, Uncle and little Cousin arriving!

Maggie is a few years younger than Anna! B and I had decided that we wanted to ask Maggie to be a part of our Wedding, so we did this when she arrived! She was so excited and it was a really fun way to start our time all together! After everyone got settled and situated in their rooms, we headed to the Pantheon for lunch!

After lunch we headed inside the Pantheon to check it out! It is so beautiful inside! It was originally built to be a temple for the Gods and today, it is the best preserved Roman monument! We had a big night ahead of us on Friday night because we were doing a Dark Rome tour which is a walking tour that starts at the Mussolini monument and ends at the Colosseum! 

The Dark Rome tour was a lot of walking! I would highly recommend it if everyone in your party is capable! It was amazing! We learned so much history and got to walk around Rome by sunset! The best part though, was that we got to go into the Colosseum after hours, so it was just our group of 11 people and our guide inside! We got to go down to wear the gladiators and the animals were held before they went up into the arena to fight! We also got to see all of the architectural aspects of the Colosseum which are hard to see during the day when it is packed with tourists!

Rome was a dream, I love city living and seeing all of the touristy spots in the city, so this was definitely a favorite destination of mine on this vacation!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll be sharing the last week of our vacation on the blog soon!



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