Friday Favorites: Summer Tourism

Good Morning Lovelies!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Oh my gosh, it seems like no sooner is one friday gone than the next friday is here! It also seems like I haven’t blogged in FOREVER!!! abigailsays is currently undergoing a face-lift where I am adding a bunch of different things to my site. At first I was going to just wait to come back until it was finished… but I missed it too much! So please pardon my appearance for the next week or so 😉

B and I are heading to Fort Worth, Texas this weekend to see some friends, then it is off to Italy in 7 days for us! I can’t believe our trip is already here! Two whole weeks touring around Italy… you guys..  I can barely contain my excitement!

In honor of my upcoming trip, as I am sure many of you have some amazing vacations planned this summer… I have decided to center this weeks Friday Favorites series all about my essential items for a day spent touring (in the heat!!!)!

Before I jump right in, I should preface this by telling you that Brian suffers from migraines… typically heat induced! We learned this while in college when after every Football game from August-November (when it was still scorching hot) Brian would finish the day by going to bed with a raging migraine 🙁 I should also tell you that I get very very motion sick, very easily! Yes, we are quite the pair 😉 Needless to say that my essential items include some on-the-go medicine!

  • The first item on my list, particularly in Europe where Pick-pocketers are in abundance is a good (and cute) cross body bag with a ZIP! I can’t stress this enough! If you can find a cross body bag with a zip or, even better, with a flap that closes over the zip, you will give yourself a leg-up against those pick-pocketers! I generally tend to go for a bag that is leather (or faux leather) which means it can be easily wiped if anything gets on it! I also like a bag that is dark… typically black (you know how dirty cities can be) and which is big so that I can fit all of my things!

In my bag:

This year I went to the dollar store and grabbed a tiny plastic box so that I could put a few of each type of medicine in there (saves much more room than having tons of little bottles)

I have tylenol extra strength, tums, dramamine, bandaids and execdrin with caffeine in this little box

A PORTABLE CHARGER: ladies, I cannot stress this enough! There is nothing worse than running out of charge and being unable to document your day via pictures, snapchat, insta stories etc… as sad as it is… in this day and age we are lost without our phones! Not even for pictures, I also like to use my phone as a point of navigation and communication! I downloaded an awesome app this year which translates my speech from italian to english and visa versa! It is fab. I will be keeping my phone charged for sure.

Sunglasses!!!! This is a must have! Especially if you’re headache prone like B. Having a pair of sunglasses to pull on when it gets sunny will decrease your chances of getting a headache!

I also like to keep a hair tie in my bag just incase I feel the need to pull my hair back!

  • The next item on my list is a big floppy hat! Now this depends where you’re going, obviously if you’re going somewhere incredibly windy then it might be wise to leave the hat at home! In my case, Italy, I’ll be bringing my hats on wine tours and gondola rides, but I’ll probably leave it at home when we are touring around Rome!
  • COMFY SHOES. This is a lesson that I learned the hard way about 3 years ago when I decided to wear my brand-new Tory Burch Leather Flats around Edinburgh (a super super hilly city). I was ridden with blisters and had to buy cheap little rainboots to give my feet a rest. Comfy shoes ladies! Thankfully, Tory Burch has these adorable sandals… just be sure to buy them ahead of time to break them in!
  • A COOL and comfy outfit! There is absolutely nothing worse than walking around sweating, looking at everyone else who is dressed for the weather and feeling miserable! Do yourselves a favor and invest in some of these adorable (AND UNDER $15) dresses from Old Navy! I popped in and bought 2 in different colors for our trip and I am wishing I had more!

Well, this is my go-to list for touristy activities in the summer! I would LOVE to hear what else you all consider to be necessary for tourism in the summer! As always, you can shop the post directly, right here!


Thank you so much for reading!


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