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I have some exciting news to share! If you follow me on instagram, then you are already aware of the fact that I was recently accepted into rewardStyle’s program! When I first started my blog back in October, this was a huge goal of mine! To have finally achieved it is just beyond exciting, and I am over the moon with joy!

Well that’s great Abi… but what exactly is it!? is a forum which allows you to shop the post directly from the instagram picture that you see! I have always adored the fact that I could “like” my favorite blogger’s photo, and receive the link to the dress she was wearing to my inbox, shortly afterwards! It makes it so easy to shop, and you’re seeing the products that you’re buying on real people… which is always a bonus in my opinion!!

You can now ‘like’ my photos (or any other influencer) on Instagram and will send you my look straight to your email within minutes with shop ready links. I am an avid online shopper… so this is huge for me and really changed my online shopping game! rewardStyle also recently launched the app, so now you can even screenshot any of my pictures (or any other influencer) and a shop ready link will be sent directly to your phone.

You all know that as much as I love my designer shoes and bags… I can’t help myself when I find cute little (CHEAP) steals from Marshals… so if there is ever an item of clothing that I am unable to link, I will do my absolute best to link some similar options for you all!



Going to to sign up. You can enter all of your information there. If you have any problems or questions please email me and I will do my best to help!

Next, go to my Instagram and ‘like’ any photo. Within a few minutes, you will have an email with all of the links to my products.

Or shop your screenshots using the application: 

Download the application for your devices here

Screenshot my photo(or any other influencer’s photo) on Instagram and within a few minutes, the app will notify that your screenshot is ready to shop!

Bonus: All of your past screenshots will be stored in the app, which makes it easy to come back later to shop!

Thank you so much for reading! Head over to the app store or google play to download the app now and start shopping your screenshots!

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