Friday Faves: Thinking about Mother’s Day

Good Morning Lovelies!

How girlie and fun is this Friday Faves edition?! I am thinking about my mama this week and grabbing some last minute Mother’s Day bits for next week!

If you know me at all, you know that my Mom is my best friend… I am the girl who calls her mom every day and we talk for at least an hour…. not even ashamed 😉 She is supermom to my siblings, my Dad and I and she deserves a special day! This Mothers Day will be a bit weird for my mom because My dad will be in London on business and my brother and I will both also be gone! It’ll be my little sister and my puppy spoiling my mama this time around! Anyway… this Friday favorites is all about a few little ideas to spoil your mom with!

I bought my mom this coffee cup from Lilly! My mom is addicted to coffee… I mean she has 3 cups before 10 am addicted! So I thought this was the perfect gift for her to carry her coffee in style!

Also! Check out this keychain!! It has a built in phone charger! Also perfect for my mom because she doesn’t like to have a dead phone because she likes to always be able to have us contact her! Haha!

I think both pairs of shoes on here are absolutely gorgeous and they’re relatively affordable as well! I also love the bangle and the Kendra necklace!! Gorgeous!

As always you can shop the post right here, and I hope you found something you think your mom would love!! These gifts are giving me all the heart eyes!

Thank you so much for reading!

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