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Hello Lovelies,

Believe it or not, it was bloody freezing in Houston this weekend.. yes you heard me correctly, it was cold this weekend! What an exciting surprise for me. I flew into Houston from OKC on friday, where I left 40 degree temperatures and traveled to 80 degree temps… but by Friday night the winds were blowing in a cold front! We woke on Saturday morning to temps in the lower 50s (cold for Houston!). Although I am about to head to much colder temperatures for Thanksgiving, I was still super excited to get the chance to wear this gorgeous jacket from J-Crew. I bought this jacket a few years ago but it is so timeless and chic that 2 years later they’re still stocking the same one in stores!

Both my jeans and my cowl neck shirt are from Banana Republic, they had a killer sale a few weeks ago and I snagged myself a few awesome deals! These jeans are unbelievably soft, typically i’d change out of my jeans and into my PJs to relax at night, but I could seriously sleep in these jeans if I had to! I also need to take a second to rave about this shirt… it is feels like a sweatshirt but you look so put together when you wear it!! PS it comes in grey and a gorgeous oatmeal cream color!

Now, I can’t end the blog without visiting the topic of this gorgeous Louis Vuitton. I mentioned this purse in my post about statement pieces, and I am finally featuring it with this outfit! My dad gave this purse to my mom about 15 years ago and she has loved it ever since! I love this purse because it is so different than anything that I have, it’s also incredibly spacious and I adore the thicker strap! I searched the Louis website and I couldn’t find this exact one, but I found a few amazing bags that are similar in size and shape! This is a purse that I guarantee you’ll have forever and it is absolutely worth the investment, in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day, I definitely enjoyed wearing it! Thank you so much for reading,

xx, Abigail

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