Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes!

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Halloween!

For many, putting together a costume is a hassle and choosing what to be can be quite daunting… for me, its always easier when I can use things that I already own to create a fun halloween look!


  • There are a minion ways to create a fun costume 😉


For this look, I pulled out my favorite pair of jean shorts that I made from High Waisted mom jeans that I found in good will a few years ago! Paired it with a yellow bandeau.. and then got to crafting!

For my goggles: I used two mason jar lids (which I already had but you can get at the dollar store or hobby lobby), I glued white card stock onto the inside of the lids and then drew 2 eyeballs with a sharpie! I then hot glued the eyes onto a black headband that I bought at walmart and presto!

Suspenders: I bought these from my local Hot Topic because I loved that they were sequin! I think they were about 4 dollars!!

  • My friends and I are notorious for deciding on a group costume months in advance, but I don’t usually pull my look together until the night before… oh procrastination. Last year, our idea was to recreate Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video! 12249626_750598395085104_4535552268380210196_nI was cutthroat… scary. So for this look I grabbed a tight black skirt that I had in my closet, you can find similar ones at Forever 21 and I tucked a black tank top into it! For my bullets I went to the Dollar Store and bought some coin rollers, painted them black and hot glued them onto a strip of fabric! My knife is also from the dollar store! Easy. Done.


  • If you’re still stuck for an idea, why not consider being an animal!? Usually you can dress in all black, paint something on your face with eyeliner and you’re ready to go! screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-8-18-49-am

I think this is the easiest costume I have ever thrown together! I had a black lace tank top which I cut to look like a crop top.. I think the tank top was probably from walmart or somewhere cheap, but you can use whatever you have in your closet! I paired it with the same skirt that I wore for bad blood and that was the base of my zebra costume. Next I teased my hair and pulled the top half up into a braid which I then separated and teased some more (my mane). I gave myself some dramatic eye makeup with the help of some false lashes, and then used my liquid eyeliner to frame one side of my eye in zebra stripes. Throw on some red lippy and draw some zebra lines on your arms and you’re ready to go!

  • The same goes for my cat costume 🙂 screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-8-19-22-am

Here, I pulled this lacey black dress out of my closet, paired it with thick black tights and little black booties. Then I curled my hair and teased it so that you could see it above the cat ears! I got the cat ears (which came in a set with a tail that I didn’t wear) from Walmart for $4.99. I did my makeup as usual and then used my liquid eye liner to give myself a little cat nose and some whiskers! If you wanted to take the look a step further, you could draw two lines down from your nose to your cupids bow and color your top lip black with eyeliner! Presto! Meow!

I hope you were able to take some inspiration here to throw something quick together for your festivities tonight!

Thanks for Reading 🙂



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