Autumn Apartment Touches

Hello Lovelies!

It’s starting to cool down here in Oklahoma now and I’ve brought the cozy and warm touches of Autumn into my apartment lately! I thought I’d share some of these little orange accents with you. Pumpkins, spices and cute little fall sayings give me the warm fuzzies 🙂

I just adore this little sign! It is so neutral but I think that the gold leaves give it quite a chic and classy vibe while the fact that it is made of wood keeps it feeling rustic. Signs like these are a must have in my opinion! I found mine in Hobby Lobby, AND with their 40 percent off coupon it ended up being a bargain! ALSO!!! This sign is on SALE right now for $11.99!
I really love this little set up that I have! My cozy rug looks quite grey in this picture because of the lighting but its actually a light creamy color! It is so warm and cozy underneath my feet when I come in from brisk temperatures! Right now, my little coffee table is rocking the minimalist look, but I’m actually really loving it! I got the antler from At Home for super cheap (I’ve linked it in the pic)!! The pumpkins are from walmart actually, they’re so fun and come with a ton of different sizes and they’re all glittered!!! I LOVE the girly touch that it adds to my little apartment. Of course, I cannot forget to mention my pumpkin spice candle that just adds another cozy spot of autumn to my little abode.
Alright, can it get any more autumn than this pic!? When I think fall I think pumpkins, warmth, gold and candles!! That is exactly what we have here! This is another angle of the same little set up as pictured above. I just love sitting on my little couch and looking at all of the orange 🙂
I can’t help but smile when I see this picture! Some of my favorite things! At the very bottom of the picture is one of my favorite chairs, it was my moms and she had it for years and years before she got it re-apolstered in this suede-y funky pattern! Its such a fun element to my living room. In fact, I love it so much perhaps I’ll do a post all about my chair soon 🙂 ha! Moving on, I love to just dot little pumpkins all around my house and this is exactly what I have done here! This ceramic pumpkin is so classy and chic, it actually has a shiny gold base which you can’t see in the picture. I think it looks perfect sitting on top of these coffee table books 🙂 I got the pumpkin in At Home (can you tell how much I adore this store?!) for under 5 dollars!! Another BARGAIN!! 🙂
These are a few of my favorite things!! Pumpkin, wine and chalked signs! Cannot be beat, in my opinion!! This little pumpkin was from walmart a few years ago! I think it looks perfect in this little nook!! Ps. I painted the little sign myself, as a little reminder to spread happiness, but I bought the board in… you guessed it… At Home!
So I have to talk about this little section of my house for a second because I simply cannot get enough of it. You will not believe it, but the unit here was only $134 dollars from Hobby Lobby! Another bargain that I simply could not let slip through my fingers!! I love the set up here with my giant clock (I splurged on this in Marshals this summer) and the knob that it is hanging on (thanks to my Dad for hanging it up!). I think the rope has a super nautical feel to it and I just love the entire vibe of this little section… not to mention it is made ten times better by the introduction of an Autumn sign 🙂 I got the sign in Marshals as well for about 6 dollars… that store simply cannot be out done by any other store when you’re shopping on a budget!! 😉
I couldn’t resist showing you guys a close up of this funky little number!
There is so much that I love in just one picture! For graduation, one of my dear friends Lauren painted me this special globe! I adore it! Then we have my Glade candle that has been well loved indeed! This candle has lasted me about three months now and I burn it every day!!! Then the sign says it all, celebrate the little things, y’all!
Now, what could be cozier than a warm fire?! Too bad my apartment complex doesn’t allow indoor flame as big as this one, so I settled for a video of a fire instead 🙂 I love the crackling sounds and the warmth that it appears to give off! I also think the little pumpkins lined up in front of my TV are just so darling, paired with my favorite pumpkin 🙂
Well, fall is officially here and I could not be happier! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my apartment 🙂 Before long I’ll be able to do my cozy christmas post and I couldn’t be more excited!!


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